Find in this section the most prestigious French and foreign spirits : Hennessy, Daniel Bouju, Vallein-Tercinier, Darroze, Dupeyron Goudoulin, Captain's burn and many others...

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  • Cognac

    Historically, cognac finds its origins in the wines of Poitou, much appreciated around the 8th century in England, Holland and the Scandinavian countries. But the wine was low in alcohol, making it difficult to transport without alteration. It was then decided to distil it and to carry it as an eau de vie. Coupled with water, the Dutch gave it the name of brandwijn: burnt wine. Later, some crisis led to the tumble of sales and left many stock of oak barrels. Some people discovered that this eau de vie was getting better and better while aging. Cognac was born. The eighteenth century saw the arrival of big merchant houses in Poitou (Martell, Hennessy) and the extensive use of double distillation. Today, cognac enjoys worldwide reputation. 95% of its production is meant for export.

  • Whisky

    Whisky is a spirit produced by distillation of malted or non-malted cereals. This alcohol, worldwide famous, is produced in Scotland and Ireland, its places of origin, but also in the United States, Canada, Japan, France and Belgium. Discover in this section all the finest whiskies we offer

  • Others

    Find in this section all other fine spirits we offer. You can refine your search results using the filters in the left menu.

  • Armagnac

    Armagnac is the oldest eau-de-vie of France. It is produced in the departments of Gers, Landes and Lot-et-Garonne from distilled white wine. (insérer lien wikipédia)

  • Size

    Looking for a fine spirit, bottle size is important to you? Find all of our spirits sorted by size We offer a wide range of bottle sizes to meet all your needs