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  • Bollinger

    Founded in 1829 by Athanase de Villermont, alongside Jacques Joseph Bollinger and Paul Renaudin, Bollinger (formerly Renaudin-Bollinger) is a prestigious House of Champagne with headquarters located in Ay, south of Reims. With its master grape Pinot Noir, the vineyard extends over 164 hectares, mostly in Grands and Premiers Crus. Bollinger Champagne is often seen in the James Bond movies.

  • Cristal

    Cristal Champagne is one of the prestige cuvees of Maison Louis Roederer. It was developed in 1976 by Louis Roederer for the Tsar of Russia Alexander II. At the time, the estate already exported 60% of its production to the Russian court. But the Tsar took offense to drink the exact same wine as his followers. That's why a new cuvee was created from the terroir's 10 finest wines. Crystal is now one of the world's most expensive Champagne.

  • Deutz

    Founded in 1838 by William Deutz and Hubert Geldermann, Maison Champagne Deutz remained in the hands of the same family until 1993. Since then, the Rouzaud family (Champagne Louis Roederer) is the majority shareholder in the company and seeks to develop the domaine while preserving the Ruinard idendity.

  • Dom Pérignon

    Dom Pérignon is a vintage cuvee of Champagne wine produced by Moët & Chandon during exceptional years. Symbol of prestige, Dom Perignon champagnes are found on the world's best restaurants. The famous wine appears also regularly in artistic works such as cinema and literature.

  • Krug

    Founded in 1843 by Joseph Krug, Krug is a famous winery House of Champagne located in Reims, Champagne-Ardenne. It was transmitted for six generations in the same family until 1999, when the company was taken over by the well known group LVMH. Krug is famous for its Grande Cuvee, an harmonious blend of fifty different wines from 1 to 15 years old, aged 6 years in the cellar.

  • Moet & Chandon

    Moët & Chandon is a prestigious Champagne House founded in 1743 by Claude Moët, a wine trader in Epernay. It has the widest vineyard in the region, mainly located in Grands and Premiers Crus. However, the estate purchases 75% of its grapes from owners of the region to fill their needs. Moet & Chandon is one of the most famous Champagne's brand in the world. Its wines are exported around the globe since more than two centuries.

  • Roederer

    Founded in 1776, the Champagne House Louis Roederer has been owned by the same family since 1816. Owner of 240 hectares of vines located exclusively in Grands and Premiers Crus, it is one of the latest Champagne houses to be independent. Enjoying an excellent reputation around the world, the Louis Roederer champagne is exported to the United States and to the table of the Tsar in Russia since 1870. The Tsar is also the reason why Louis Roederer created a prestige cuvee in 1976 : crystal.

  • Ruinart

    Founded in 1729, Champagne Ruinart is the first and oldest of House of Champagne. It belongs now to the famous LVMH group. The main grape of Ruinart champagne  is chardonnay, which brings aromatic freshness and brightness.

  • Taittinger

    Founded in 1734 by Jacques Fourneaux, Taittinger is a famous winery House of Champagne located in Reims, Champagne-Ardenne. Its 288 hectares of vineyard covers 50% of its needs. The remaining 50% are carefully selected from independent vine growers and some cooperatives. Taittinger offers several cuvee. The most prestigious one, Comtes de Champagne is only produced in the best years.

  • Veuve Clicquot

    Founded in 1772, Veuve Clicquot is a famous winery House of Champagne located in Reims, Champagne-Ardenne. Owned by the LVMH group since 1987, it stands as a model by its commitment to reasoned vine growing. Veuve Clicquot presents an impressive consistency in the quality of its champagnes and has also distinguished itself by its quite singular marketing campaigns.

  • others

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