If you are a traveler whose place of residence is outside the European Union (EU), you can :

  •        buy wines from us
  •        have them delivered to your place of stay in France or in the European Union
  •        get a refund of the value added tax (VAT) charged from the price of goods that you will bring back with you to your country of residence.


In order to guarantee a delivery within the dates of your stay, thank you to place your order soon enough before your visit, and inform us of your exact travelling dates. We can deliver to your hotel, private residence, friend’s house, office….




Who is entitled to a VAT refund?


You must:

- be a resident outside the UE at the date of purchase,

- be visiting France for less than six months.

- be able to provide proof of both these requirements at the time of purchase (identity papers if you are a foreign national; a consulate registration card or any other documentary proof if you are French and reside outside the European Union).

- transport the goods back to your country of residence by yourself.

The goods that you buy must be retail purchases made as a visitor and must not be for business purposes. The total value of your purchases (including VAT) at a single shop on the same day must be over €175.


The following are not entitled to VAT refunds:

• Residents of a European Union Member State;

• Residents of French overseas departments (French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Reunion) and the overseas authorities of St. Bart and the French part of Saint Martin;

• Members of diplomatic or consular missions and international organizations who are stationed in France;

• Students and trainees residing over six months of the year in France;

• Immigrant workers (even if returning permanently to their country of origin);

• Residents of Monaco;


How to obtain a VAT refund?

WHAT DOCUMENT will the retailer give me?

Once you have made your purchase, we will inform you of the procedure to obtain a VAT refund and will provide you with an export sales form. By signing the form, you agree to comply with the necessary formalities to obtain your VAT refund.


WHEN should I have my export sales forms stamped?

-        Before the end of the third month following the month of purchase.

-        When leaving the European Union from France.

-        Before checking-in your luggage if you are leaving by airplane


HOW do I get my export sales forms stamped?

You can have your forms for goods purchased in France stamped at any PABLO barcode reader. There is no need to contact Customs.


WHERE are the PABLO barcode readers located?

PABLO barcode readers are generally located near to Customs offices in international airports, ports and at border crossings.



WHEN do I get the VAT tax refund?


Once we receive from customs the validation of the VAT refund form, we will be able to refund the amount of the VAT tax initially charged on the products (not on delivery) by bank transfer or to the credit card used for payment of the order.